Sep 18, 2012 / 2 notes

I recently worked on a new web/blog and tumblr for Boston Vintage stores Oona’s, Oona’s Outpost and Café Society - all under the name of The Vintage League - and I’m excited to be their new “Webmistress”: Social Media Specialist and E-shop Manager (opening an Etsy shop this Fall). I’ve been working for them since March 2012 and this new position will allow me to spread my love for history and vintage connoisseurs accompanied by the best vintage shops Boston has to offer.

This means I’ll probably be very scattered for the time being (or it explains my failed attempt to keep this tumblr updated.)

In the meantime make sure to follow me via The Vintage League & Spirited Magazine.

OOOH and I’m also HERE, making costumes for storytelling.

- d.aMa

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